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Sunday, November 26, 2017


Sideshow Swamp Thing must be a big flop due to be made of vinyl and PVC. That’s the only explanation behind the existence of Prime 1 Gemora vinyl figure. To me is pretty obvious that Sideshow asked Prime 1 to launch a second rate character statue in vinyl for a price not distant from the polystone version (given the polystone one comes with many swappable parts and the vinyl version has none).

 Imho this shows how close the companies are. Enough to plot this whole scheme in order to justify the pricing of Sideshow Swamp Thing and help it to sell. I do believe that Prime 1 didn’t have the plan to release this piece in vinyl before the Swamp Thing incident. And I believe the production price shouldn’t be really very distant being polystone or vinyl. I don’t know if the whole prejudice/prejudgment towards vinyl figures proceeds since I didn’t get the Swamp Thing figure in hand to make my mind. But I think I’ll maintain my opinion that the material, be it pewter, polystone or vinyl or whatever, shouldn’t really matter since it looks really good on the shelf. I will not move it, apart from some rearrangement in my room. I won’t carry it with me anywhere nor I plan to sell it so I don’t have any problems with the material whatsoever. I don’t think the final result of Swamp Thing will be any different from the prototype. But this remains to be seen. I don’t believe it will look or feel “cheap”. I really don’t get what that means. But I am still astonished about how Sideshow made Prime 1 launch a vinyl version of one of its figures. I can’t see any other explanation for that. Prime 1 simply didn’t need to. Ironically, the Gamera is a pretty detailed statue regarding textures even in polystone. What makes one wonder if the level of details possible by polystone to be the real reason behind the decision of Sideshow to make Swamp Thing of vinyl and PVC. I believe it was really a way to keep the costs down to the buyer and especially avoid breakage during shipping.

P.S.: Why the figures nowadays come so disassembled? In older times, one needed only to fix the statue to the base and all was done; maybe attach the head and that was it. I don’t like this trend since the magnets of the joints will eventually fade and the parts will fall. One will have to glue them in order to keep them in place then.  

Friday, October 27, 2017


Yes, Sideshow did this. The Swamp Thing Maquette won’t be polystone but instead it will be made mostly of vinyl and the details of PVC. I really don’t know the difference of vinyl and PVC since I only have soft vinyl figures and small PVC figures. Several questions arise from this undertaking. Could it be called a statue if not made of resin? Would it cost a lot less than the $800 being asked? Will this generate consumer refusal to buy the statue due to its material? What’s the difference it really makes for the collector?

First, the sculpt is stunning. And is from my all-time favorite character. So to grab it it’s just a matter of amass the money to do so. I think Sideshow took this audacious decision for two main reasons, keep the costs down (not so down one may say) and to avoid breakage of such a delicate figure. I think the latter to be utmost explanation. Maintain the details I believe is an excuse. Maybe profit was another factor but they wouldn’t shoot at their own foot with a figure that was sure to sell well based on how the community praised the statue by making it of a material that would turn a lot of people down. I believe profit is almost a nonsensical reason. However, it’s a company and a company exist to generate profit. I think the main question should be would you tell the difference if they didn’t openly announced? The answer probably is yes otherwise they would not stress it out. Maybe it’s lighter than resin. I don’t know it’s wait and see. As I said I only have small soft vinyl figures. I really believe they did it this way because was the only way to portray it properly without breakage. It also shows how much of the product’s price is production costs and how much is aggregated value or intangible things like branding as the beauty of the sculpture. I don’t know how much cheaper is as 24-inch tall vinyl piece with a quite big polystone base but at least it doesn’t cost the $1200 they asking for Thanos. If I was sure I would have the money I’d already pre-ordered it. I believe I will. The negative reaction about the material will give me plenty of time until it sells out. I don’t care for the EX. As I don’t care about the material as long as it looks nice on the shelf. Sideshow already experimented with fiberglass in the upcoming Odium I guess. It’s that pretty big hulking statue guy from COTD. To those who believe statues should only be in resin, my condolences. I don’t know if Sideshow is testing grounds here to see how vinyl statues are received by the collectors but I believe the reception couldn’t be more underwhelming. One thing is for sure, it should be mandatory that Sideshow release the material info as well as the dimensions and weight of every single piece. They did it almost right with Swamp Thing except they didn’t reveal its weight. Maybe they don’t have it yet. But it is a subject that must be addressed as soon as the information becomes available. As they should inform of what material Hulk LSB is made of. It’s been months and this info is not yet on the site. I’m glad I’m giving up of this hobby. Prices are extortive, there aren’t any characters I don’t have that I want apart from Swamp Thing (which I believed would never be released). And no, I don’t like Prime 1 version of the character. Nor do I have the money for it. I’m glad with what I have. Sometimes I think I have too much already.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


While the likes of Sideshow and PCS still work with hand sculpting here and there it is undeniably being substituted by digital sculpting. Let’s face it, hand sculpting is a dying art and digital sculpting came to take it’s place. It’s easier, faster, allows a humongous level of detail and textures; overall it is a cheaper and more efficient way to create the figures we love. However, by being easy to manipulate the number of new “artisans” and studios are blossoming and maybe the market will get overcrowded by them. I think it already is. Let’s see how it goes two years from now.

Is it a good thing to have so many people sculpting and producing figures? Well, I believe this will drive the market to a more brand oriented behavior. With an overpopulated market with custom/independent pieces popping at a frantic pace, not always with the production quality one might expect, collectors more than ever will stick to the brands they know and trust. Not so long time ago, custom/independent pieces costed much more than branded pieces. But as the big brands keep on rising their prices, soon this won’t make much of a difference anymore. In this sea of figures for the same average price where to look up for you next piece? A unknown producer or XM or Sideshow? Of course there will be astonishing independent sculpts as there are right now, I saw a jaw dropping Beast over a bureau the next day that I believe is the best Beast sculpt ever made. Unfortunately, it was an unpainted unassembled kit and I could not afford for the paint app for this one. Painting will be a paramount differential in years to come so much so as the sculpt itself. As prices even and more people get good on ZBrush, the quality of painting and overall finishing will be evermore crucial to determine the success of a piece. Again, the big brands are the places to look at regarding these factors.

Albeit the number of products offered will multiply in the coming years, most collectors will feel more comfortable to play it safe and bet on the big stablished brands. At least that’s what I believe so. I also believe that not so far from now the maket will suffer a severe collapse, as many will jump out of the collector’s bandwagon because they just followed a trend that is no more and only the core collectors will remain. However, even those have a limited space to display their figures, so one can only have so many figures before runs out of space. Prices on secondary market will drastically fall, as people will get rid of not so beloved pieces in order to get new ones. Not to mention those that are trying to sell everything because are not following the trend anymore. Until, in a more distant future… if you want to know and laugh at my face, here’s the link…  

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Erick Sosa is regarded by many as one of the most gifted sculptors of our days. He dared to pursue the dream of having his own company, PrototypeZ Studio. Let’s learn about this venture.

1 – Hello, Erick, when I interviewed you around a year ago, you were battling to turn PrototypeZ Studio into reality. Now it is. What changed in your life?
Erick Sosa: Well mainly, I have less stress as I don't have to deal with many clients anymore.

2 – Is PrototypeZ Studio a customs venture or are the products it offers licensed?
 ES: All products are 100% licensed.

3 – I saw you launched a Street Fighter Ryu. In several formats if I’m not mistaken. What were the formats/variants, their prices and are there anymore available for purchase?
ES: There’s a few left but stock is low. We mainly work in 1/6th and 1/4th scales.

4 – What’s coming next if you can say? And when will it be released?
 Akuma has been released and we will let people decide between Chun Li and Ken…

5 – Do you have any wild dream regarding PrototypeZ Studio? Like an authorial series of figures? If any, in which category (horror, fantasy, heroes etc.) it would be focused?
ES: Yes, my hope is to begin creating an original series of PVC heroes and monsters…

6 – Any other wild dream regarding PrototypeZ Studio? Besides become Sideshow rich? Lol.
ES: Nah, no desire to grow that big at all… just the desire to do my own creations and to be able to grow from that.

7 – This is a short question with a big answer I guess: could you name and describe every process from PrototypeZ Studio from conceptual design to delivering of the figure to the buyer? I’m very curious to know every step a given piece comes across until reaching the final buyer.
ES: We start with a 2D sketch, then we get that approved by Capcom and we move on to the 3D modeling, once that is approved we print and mold cast and paint. Then we submit photographs and then once approved we send the prototypes to our factory in China in order to begin production.

8 – Of this whole process what do you like the most and what do you dislike the most?
ES: I dislike leaving my family behind to go to China, as much as I love China. However it is a great time to be able to do quality control and make sure people get the best product we can give them.

9 – Can PrototypeZ Studio products be bought in stores? How to acquire a PrototypeZ piece?
ES: You can but via retailers like big bad toy store, or our website

10 – Besides PrototypeZ Studio you still work in other places/projects? Could you name it?
ES: I only work for Kotobukiya and Banpresto but not many projects as my focus is Prototypez and Semic-Protoypez…. more on that soon. All I can say is we got a Marvel license and we are doing quite a bit of product for it.

11 – It worth both financially and let’s say psychologically to create your own enterprise?
ES: Absolutely!

12 – What are the big differences of being the boss?
ES: More responsibility but also more benefits such as being able to create what I want instead of being told how to go about it.

13 – What do you like the most about PrototypeZ Studio?
ES: The freedom it comes with being able to dictate what gets done and how.

14 – What needs improvement in PrototypeZ Studio in your opinion?
ES: A lot, we are working on a new system for our consumer service, preparing a new quality control team, and working on a new product not just Polystone statues.

16 – Which franchise you really wanted to bring to PrototypeZ Studio?
ES: Honestly after Street Fighter I may just focus on King of Fighters but still working out a deal with SNK for that. The truth is my focus is original product and toys.

17 – Is there any character you sculpted so much you got tired of it?
ES: Not tired but yeah I would say the minions from Despicable me…. Ugh

18 – Is hand sculpting a dying art in the industry since digital sculpting seems to be an easier, faster sculpting tool?
ES: It is, all companies are working with digital tech, I hardly no anyone doing traditional sculpt besides Neca maybe, and they are also using 3D assets.

19 – Do you still do hand sculpting? In which circumstances?
ES: Once or twice a year I do my own monsters and sell them in japan as resin kits  at Winter Wonderfestival.

20 – Why do you think prices are increasing so fast in the industry? Do you believe there’s a practical reason (or reasons) besides pure greed? How much of it is just greed?
ES: There’s many variables, but greed is usually part of what drives any industry…. A lot of it is greed. A lot of it is…yeah greed too… lol

Right in the face of big companies! 

21 – What are the variables taken into account to determine the price of a piece?
ES: License cost, production cost, territory limitations….

22 – Did your previous experiences on the market help you developing PrototypeZ Studio? If so, in which manner?
ES: In every aspect, I wouldn’t have been able to start the company without the knowledge I gained from rubbing shoulders with people that know so much about the industry.

23 – Define PrototypeZ Studio with one word. Or phrase if a word is too short of an answer.
 ES: “Freedom to create “

Thank you Erick, wish you the best in your life and work. I hope this interview bring some light about your company and about the market as whole.

ES: Thank you, sir!

That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


“It's tricky when you feel someone has done something on your behalf”
Desired Constellation, Björk

Thank you for reading this. You arrived at this post without the aid of Facebook, my main channel of divulgation. I chose not to use Facebook because this is a different post. I felt the urge to write in English and see where it leads me, just to practice my poor domain of the language and because I may talk about figures and the universal language to collectibles is English. Right now, I’m intrigued with the conclusion that when I write what I think and you read what I wrote I’m uploading my thoughts to your head. You and I become one. Our souls merge although in a different space-time since you’re not in my room in Brazil and cannot read as I write. Your present is my future at this very moment, as in this very moment, my present is your past, depending on who is looking at it, you or me. This space-time lapse set us apart. Your interpretation may also differ completely from mine and you can form an opinion of your own regarding this text, two other things that set us apart since you are you and I am I. However, as you read this is like my thoughts are rooting and manifesting in someone else’s mind. They are my thoughts and they aren’t since who are thinking them now is you. So my thoughts become your thoughts and this is all a very strange and powerful experience. I guess this is the marvelousness of writing or communication in general, though I think writing is more personal. More up close. More deep. It’s kind of hypnotic. This looping of me becoming you and you becoming me even though we never met eye to eye. Now you’re inside my soul, You’re reading exactly what I’m thinking, no holding ups. Now I’m think since I remembered that I’m writing on my collectibles blog about one figure, one specific picture of it you can only imagine if you saw and as I don’t know if you did I’ll will post the picture below so that our “databanks” stay updated regarding the subject. Here we go:

I gave up my Malavestros pre-order and all my reward points I put into that statue due to this piece. Hulk life-size bust. I believe its box will be bigger than the maximum size allowed to be brought to Brazil as checked luggage so I will have to send it directly to Brazil via Sideshow (that is the most inexpensive delivery service I could find). Even being cheaper, the shipping costs will be well over $300 not to mention the custom taxes of my country that are 60% over the declared price plus the shipping. In other words, I will have to pay more than twice for the figure. That is already expensive by its own, $980. This is very bad news and something I was not waiting since it’s the first (and last) bust I buy. You can add to the calculus the $184,50 I lost cancelling Malavestros pre-order and – boom – you have the most expensive figure I have ever bought. By a far margin.  How I dealt with the other figures I’ve bought? Very simple, I sent them to my brother’s home who lives in US and once they get to visit us here or we get to visit them there we bring one or two statues as luggage. No absurd taxes or shipping costs. Why did I give up Malavestros? Well, I am retired or better saying legally invalid so I’m almost not a citzen anymore. I can’t vote, I can’t drive, I can’t marry… the list goes on. And who responds legally for me is my mother who controls my pension. As you may imagine my mother just hates the figures and think they are an awful waste of money. As most people do. I don’t blame her, especially because I’m the only one who cares about figures and statues in my social circle. Everyone thinks is quite nuts to spend such amount of money on a “toy”.

Well, not knowing how to communicate my mother about the arrival of Hulk without getting her infuriated, I decided to write an e-mail telling about the Hulk and the two other figures I intend to buy before quitting collecting. In the e-mail that “stunned” her (in her own words), I forgot to mention Malavestros’ pre-order. Fearing a retaliation of some kind, like cutting my credit card, I decided to cancel the pre-order since I didn’t mention that on the e-mail and I was most certain she wouldn’t believe me I ordered it before the Hulk (what wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway). My mother is very tight-handed about money and a very irascible person so I saw myself with no alternative whatsoever than cancelling Malavestros. That was the only way to earn her trust and maybe be able to acquire besides Hulk, the two other figures I wish before I quit collecting once for all. The prices are raising too darn fast. I can’t keep up with them. My pension is not enough to keep collecting and pay all my bills and although maybe other figures come to arise my desire I will have to contempt myself with what I will have. Also due to space issues I can’t have the luxury of have many more figures. My bedroom is my “man-cave” (I think this term so sexist, since there are girls who collect too) and my room is not a big one. I need to reform it in order to be able to accommodate my collection. I hope for the reform to happen in mid-2018 to the beginning of 2019. In other words, more money to spend, even though labor is much cheaper here than in first world countries it will be expensive nevertheless. But which other figures I want to acquire?

I hope the Mona Lisa smile comes with the figure and is not a light and shadow effect from the picture. I found her to have an Art Nouveau style for the head sculpt making her the most beautiful female character Sideshow ever produced, in my opinion.

It’s obvious to me that she is a computer generated piece, but, although I consider myself a purist and prefer hand sculpted pieces, I think technology came in favor of the piece in this particular case. I believe it would be almost impossible to sculpt such a wonderful face with hand sculpt. Not to mention the details on the axe and overall armor and weapons. But especially the face caught me. And I like her body, less muscular than other sideshow female statues. All in all, a perfect sculpt I have to have in my collection. I’m expecting her price not to be over $500-550 since the Red Sonja She Devil with a Sword has a much more elaborated base and costed $550. I hope this one not to be different. It would be the fair price tag for a statue from the same character with a much less elaborated base. Got my fingers crossed on that. (Note: it came ot for $560 exclusive, $550 regular)

The final statue of my collection is this big boy:

A terrific hand sculpted statue that could not be captured like this with computer programs. This organic and manual feeling can’t be done on computers. It’s the exact opposite of Red Sonja. It uses all that only hand sculpting offers to thrive in glorious shape. I’m very afraid of the price of this piece, it can range from $700 to more than $1,000. I hope Sideshow keep its feet on the ground and offers this figure for $750-$800 max, so I can afford it. I also hope that the box fit checked luggage specifications so I don’t need to spend another load of cash to have it here in Brazil (apart the load of cash I will already be spending in acquiring it). But who I’m trying to fool? My mother will not allow me to buy any other figure anymore in my life after the Hulk experience she’s about to have. What will make really me sad. Or upset, since the money in the end is mine. There’s an inch of hope since I already communicated my plans to her on the e-mail. Maybe just maybe, after I pay Hulk, she allows me to go on with these two. Then no more statues for me, I’m done with it. For good. Then will be time to fix my room to accommodate my pieces and be able to watch them every day.

If I had to choose one of the three? I would say thank god Hulk bust came out first since is the figure I’m really in love. I never felt this way with any other figure in my life. I go to its page every day to watch the pictures and allow me to be enchanted by them. Enchanted, this is the precise word to describe how I feel about Hulk. To me is the best Hulk sculpture ever done. It oozes so much detail and personality is breathtaking. I think I will never get tired of looking at it. That’s why I don’t think in quitting it at all. It’s a huge problem. An expensive one. But if I have to have a great finale to my collection Hulk LSB will be it. As always, I seem to like statues that are underrated and have low revenue value. But I don’t plan to sell my statues anytime soon. Only when I am very old I will slowly selling them. Therefore, I will not bother anyone else with the burden to deal with them, an idea I got from a very wise collector from Facebook.

Well, thanks for visiting my mind, my life and my dilemmas. I wrote exactly as it came to me. Sorry for my broken English I never took English classes, I’m a self-taught English speaker/writer and not a good one at that, as I always say.

Many must be thinking I will not quit collecting at all. But none of you know my mother or my will.

I will only post this text after I publish Erick Sosa’s interview. He may read this and quit answering the questions altogether. (Note of the editor: Erick is taking too long to answer because he is very busy and I have the freedom to post what I want in my blog.) This Matrix thing in the beginning of the text is not for the faint of heart. And I don’t know if it’s true. It’s just the way I feel about writing and the power of the written word. I think is kind of a symbiotic experience where one mind entangles with the other, more in autobiographic texts but also in fictional ones though accessing different parts of a person’s mind. The fictional texts are more distant from the author himself than an autobiographic one. I the latter you get to know the real feelings and thoughts of the person writing and share in your own way the experiences the author is experiencing. I don’t know if it will touch the reader the same way, since we are two completely different persons but will be as close as it gets to dive into one’s mind. I think this kind of sharing what drives me to write, especially in Portuguese. On this blog I am sincere but I have a subject other than me, the figures. I can’t escape the figures in my Portuguese blog but they appear more like in this post, as an integrated part of my life, I’m not advocating nothing regarding them, just expressing my feelings and worries about them and how they mingle into my life. And I bring my mother a lot in my writing since she controls my life in more aspects that would be suitable. In part because I let her to. In part because of my legal situation. The only thing I know is that after much darkness in my life I like living and want to keep it that way. Be over-controlled by my mother is just a tiny detail. A big tiny detail. Nevertheless, she started going to therapy. Maybe this helps her to respect more my spaces. And let me live my life with a bit more freedom. A freedom that I don’t really need right now given I’m so anti-social nowadays. When I don’t go to the CAPS (Center of Psychosocial Aid) I’m in my room writing or roaming through the collectors groups. Looks like a very limited life but it suits me just fine. I do what I love that is writing. I don't have to participate in the theatre of social interactions. I can be me most fully when I write then when I talk to someone. I am strange I know. I feel strange and out of the place in this world. But as I said, I enjoy living, I’m glad there’s another day after this one. I spent a lot of time hating tomorrows, begging to today be my last day as myself, even trying to accomplish that. As I said, I come from darker times. I hated myself and wanted to die. All days. All day. Finally, when I find my comfort zone, find a way I like to be me I won’t abandon myself just because it’s a weird behavior in everybody’s eyes. I stick to what I have as tight as I can, since I found my formula of being happy. The loneliness can be sometimes tedious, but this feeling doesn’t come very often. It would be a joy to have a girlfriend. That’s why I still socialize, in search for a girl that fits my heart and I fit hers. Other than that I don’t see much point in go to parties since I don’t drink anymore and really don’t like to dance and really dislike the social circus where once I was the clown, the heart and soul of the party. I’m not this guy anymore. As I said I’m passing by a very anti-social social stage of my life. I like it but it bothers me because I didn’t want to become so weird. However, at the core I came to believe we’re all alone in this life, all of our social network is based in dependence, interdependence, codependence or supplying. I seek to be as independent as I can and it revolves in loneliness so I’m steadily becoming an urbanoid hermit. I thought and sometimes I still do think that true love can aid a lot to one’s happiness but I am not emotionally available to it right now. And yes I will come back to therapy by the end of the year. I know I need. I just don’t want right now. Again not emotionally or psychologically available. I guess this post went far too long. I will end it here. If I would trade my Hulk LSB for a girlfriend? Only if it was Aurora the love of my life. Yes she exists but is just a platonic passion as things goes at the time being. And you? How did you feel about being me for a while? Hope you can get the statues you want, I hope I get the statues I want. And by the end of 2019 have all of them exposed in my room. I wish I started to like gaming once again. And watch movies. Have so many to see. So much to play. But I don’t quite feel like it. My urge is to write. It’s the most fun I have and is the easiest thing in the world for me. Not in English but in Portuguese. By the way, I got to revise what I wrote yesterday. Until the next post I hope will be more targeted in figures.

P.S.: I know I seem like a complete social failure but look at the bright side I not going with the herd, I determined a modus operandi completely mine and most importantly I’m happy being this way. There are limitations. Several. However, there’s a kind of freedom few people experience. The freedom of the mind. My mind is as free as it possibly gets. Therefore, I can be free even on a jail. As long as I’m able to write. Writing is what ties me and liberates me from the world. It’s my meditation. It’s my way to connect to myself and explore me. There’s lots to uncover and discover yet and I think there will always be more. The human being, the human essence is endless.

Why the quote from Björk at the beginning of the text? I really don’t know. I was listening to it and happened to like the verses. Lol.     

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I know you dislike the half-mouthed grunt. I know you dislike the face sculpt altogether. Looks like he had a stroke you said. I know you hate the brown shading. I know some of you see it as a “half” life-size bust because there’s no back. I know most of you disliked because is very light to its size. In one word, you’ll never get the Hulk LSB. I did. And don’t regret a bit. On the contrary, it’s the statue I’m most excited to receive ever. No other sculpture generated – and generates since it is yet to come – such a frisson in my collector’s mind (and heart) than this one. Forget OG Hulk, this is the Hulk to get. The ultimate Hulk sculpture. The expression of Hulk is incredible as is the facial sculpture altogether. It gives him character and personality. Prove of this is people find it looks like many different persons, generally ridiculing him (I also think it resembles Clint Eastwood by the way, which is a good thing to me! :) ). What people don’t realize is that Hulk is a monster and as such it’ll never be pretty. The half-opened mouth give dynamics to an otherwise very static figure. The brown shadings ads depth and variation to the piece otherwise, with all shadings green, would look very one-dimensional according to a professional painter who happens to like the paint scheme all of you detested. Apart that, the figure is a perfect merge of reality and fantasy with hyper-detailed skin marks and pores and a comic book face sculpt. It’ll be an impacting piece in anyone’s collection and it’s decidedly the center piece of mine. One cannot deny that Hulk LSB causes a strong impression even if you are a life-size bust collector. It’s a piece that grabs you attention and doesn’t let go. I get to look at the pictures of Hulk LSB every day like I’m kind of in love with it. Like watching pictures of a beloved one who travelled. That’s how strongly connected I am to this statue. I’m just enchanted by it. Enchanted is the precise word about my feelings towards this piece.

Say all you gonna say it won’t move me a bit from my decision. The only thing I dislike about Hulk LSB is that I will have to ship it directly to Brazil (what won’t be cheap) since the box will be too big to fit checked luggage specifications. It is by a far margin the most expensive statue I have ever bought and also the last I will pay this astronomic price for a piece. I just wished I live in US like my brother… but the thing is I love Brazil, I really enjoy where I live and I’m retired and I could not receive my pension in US let alone live there. Nor I would trade my country just because of statues! I just hope Swamp Thing box to fit in checked luggage specifications. In addition, I expect it to be around $700-750 max. I don’t see why even with the size, for a niche DC character with simple casting to be more than that. I know it’s big. But it’s not Hulk LSB big (only in height). The base is not complex. It’s not a difficult statue to paint. No Heat-Seeker complexities on that piece, no throne. So it can be more affordable. Even though $700-750 is no small money. But it can’t cost the price of a 1/3 statue. Because it’s not. Bane, which is also a massive DC character and only 3 inches shorter, with a much more complex composition and mixed media went for $699. I hope it goes for $750. I will not pay more than this for this 1/4 figure even if it is my all-time favorite character (which Swamp Thing indeed is). I just find it outrageous to the consumer to ask more than that. Loyalty to a brand has limits and Sideshow nowadays are pushing the limits far too far. Better keep the feet on the ground and make everybody happy than have a stockpile of unsold figures since only the wealthy collectors will be able to afford. And there isn’t as much people interested in Swamp Thing as there is in Thanos on Throne. Be certain of that, so Sideshow should pick an inclusive price tag to gather as many lovers of the creature from the swamp as possible, not alienate them with preposterous prices. And, please, Sideshow, make a box that fits checked luggage specifications! The more compact the better without sacrificing the piece safety of course. Just like Killer Croc box organization would be fine. I believe there won’t be many parts to attach to this figure otherwise it would break the flow of the body vines and ligaments, breaking this way the whole concept of Paul Komoda as well. 

P.S.: a new interview may be coming soon. 

The Incredible Hulk Marvel Life-Size Bust

Thursday, August 10, 2017


I realize that whenever Sideshow launches a new line of characters they start with only two subjects of the two main characters of a given universe. That’s how it happened with the Masters of the Universe line when they brought He-Man and Skeletor as the opening pieces so to grab the most fans possible. It’s a smart move because the bet is high since a line can flop and bring loss to the company. They make at least two so that the piece don’t stay out of context in one’s collection. So they bring a companion piece most that bough the first one would be interest in acquiring. The same move is being taken for the Gotham City Nightmare line. They revealed Batman and will be bringing Joker as the companion piece. However, in GCN case I don’t think the art style of both statues match at all. I see them as two completely different takes on the concept of the line with art directions very different from each other. I don’t know if this will give unity to the line at all. Both are devilish and distorted versions of the characters but in very different ways. I guess the art directors were different for each project. You can take a look and judge for yourselves on the video below.

Did you see how different they are in terms of… everything? I don’t think this is really a bad thing, just don’t give the line the unity, in my head, it meant to have. I think both statues bold and creative and really shows what makes Sideshow different from the other companies. I really hope this line to be a success since I cannot imagine what they can do with other characters from the Batman universe. Though I will not buy this line I will gladly watch what’s the next step, who’s next in line to receive the nightmarish treatment and save pics of the characters for myself as I often do with figures I wish I have but can’t own. (See I still have some sense in my mind. Lol.)

Wish the best for this line as I find one of the most creative and daring undertaking Sideshow ever embraced. I'm all in to creative freedom and this line seems to give Sideshow artists just this, what is extremely rare outside the realm of custom figures. Kudos to the company for that.  


On a very different subject, who seem to be losing their minds are the money guys from Sideshow. The last two PFs launched by the company cost well above $600. If this is a signal of things to come, the future seems very bleak for the average collector. The figures in question are Lady Deadpool PF and K-2SO PF. Although I didn’t get so surprised with Lady Deadpool price, since she has all the bells and whistles that allegedly raised the production costs and overall final price of Deadpool Heat-Seeker, I was very surprised with K-2SO price. The piece has metal legs, light up feature in the eyes and is a taller statue than average but none of these, nor the Star Wars license justifies such an abusive price for such a simple statue. I don’t know where Sideshow was with its head when priced K-2SO. I certainly hope it’s an off the marker mistake took by the company or else I’ll not be able to afford the pieces I intend to acquire in 2017-2018. To be honest I’m really concerned about the future of collecting. Two years ago the PFs average prices were around $400-450 now as it seems PFs are furiously galloping to the $600 plus average. This is simply unbearable to many collectors and I hope this not to be really a trend. I know and said it before that Prime 1 pushed the prices up with their 1/4 scale figures but each one has different target customers. Prime 1 brings to the table a higher quality product whereas Sideshow (used) to bring cheaper pieces. The quality of the casting of Sideshow cannot compete with Prime 1’s, which has heavier better-finished figures. The only downside of Prime 1 – a trap they set for themselves – is the so-called translucent resin they use for skin that doesn’t seem to support a lot of detail as normal resin does. It works just fine with 1/3 figures due to their sizes but not translate well for smaller 1/4 figures. But I’m deviating from the subject. All I really wanted to say is that the new Red Sonja to be under $500 and the Swamp Thing Maquette be no higher than $750. These are fair prices and everybody gets happy with them. Sideshow for selling well their pieces and the costumers for paying a decent amount for the products they get. Otherwise, the nightmare won’t be only in Gotham City.